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15 de enero de 2008
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New York Freud Lacan Analytic Group


is pleased to invite you to the

XIV International Seminar of the Freudian Field

on the Teachings of Jacques Lacan

The Lacanian Body and its Objects

with Vicente Palomera, Ph.D.

Psychoanalyst January 25 and 26, 2008

Fordham University

113 W. 60TH St. between Columbus and Amsterdam

New York City

Dr. Palomera is a psychoanalyst who practices in Barcelona, Spain. His affiliations and titles include: President of the European School of Psychoanalysis (E.E.P.), Analyst Member of the School (A.M.E.) and past Analyst of the School (A.E.) of the Escuela Lacaniana de Psicoanalisis (E.L.P.), Member of the World Association of Psychoanalysis (W.A.P.) and of the New Lacanian School (N.L.S.), Past-President of the Escuela Lacaniana de Psicoanalisis (E.L.P.), (2002-2004).
Dr. Palomera has a Doctorate of Psychoanalysis from the University Paris VIII. He is Responsible de Docencia at the Barcelona Clinical Section of the Institute of the Freudian Field.
Dr. Palomera is a world-renowned analyst, contributing essential insights to our theoretical and clinical understanding of psychoanalysis of Lacanian orientation. He has been invited to give numerous Seminars in the US, especially in New York. He participated in the International Conference “ Trauma and its Aftermath,” in New York, April 2002. He was the Guest Speaker for the first Clinical Study Days also in New York in 2005, and this will be the third time Dr. Palomera will give an International Seminar of the Freudian Field in NYC. He is fluent in English, French and Spanish.
He has published extensively in The Psychoanalytic Notebooks, Almanac, Mental Online, La Cause Freudienne, Quarto and Freudiana. He is the author of Posicion del analista, Ed. Tres Haches, Bs.As, 2004

Friday January 25, 2008 at 8 pm

Fordham University

LECTURE: Civilization and its Objects, Lies and Disorders

This paper will review several Lacanian concepts such as: “social link”, the capitalistic discourse, the “surplus” object and the “surplus jouissance object” (object plus-de-jouir) in order to analyze its consequences: precariousness, hyper-hedonism and violence in today’s civilization.

Saturday January 26, 2008

Fordham University

Room # 109 – MacMahon Hall

SEMINAR: The Lacanian Body and its Objects

The title of this seminar will lead us to review Lacan’s teachings on the object a as a ‘pure corporeal deduction.' The substantial character of the five objects distinguished by Lacan -the breast, feces, the gaze, the voice and the phallus- will not prevent us to see that these ‘natural’ objects are a representation of a void structure, a hole. Furthermore, these objects may be easily replaced by separable objects that are artificial, and therefore cultural.
We shall tackle the object a as a ‘remainder,’ escaping from both signifying representation and the specular image, as a ‘bit of the body,’ an object lost and separated by a cut without the intervention of the symbolic. Preceding desire and law, this object is not what desire aims at, but what causes it. The body is no longer a form, a unity, in the way that the ‘mirror stage’ produced it, but the body of the ‘erogenous zones’ that circumscribe the hole left by the part that is forever separated from. So it was that Lacan would also come to speak of the object a as an object ‘off the body,’ by which he designates something that at once ‘escapes and remains linked.’
In Lacan's late teaching the body acquires on more and more importance. A man is not his body, he has a body – as he remarks when speaking of Joyce and of the ‘sinthome’ as a ‘body event’ – and with this body, he gets tangled up. The schizophrenic shows us up to what extent a subject may not manage to find a function for his organs. By the same token, he turns his body into an enigma. This raises some questions: what is required to make a body? How can a subject inhabit it?

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